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What exactly is Ground Control Lacrosse?

The Ground Control Lacrosse Club was founded on the premise of providing youth and High School lacrosse players the opportunity to compete beyond the regular season.  Our goal is to develop proper lacrosse skills and enhance individual strengths and talents to offer a higher level of competition while providing unique, fun experiences on and off the field while providing a forum to connect our older players to the High School and College recruiters that they may not have the chance to meet on their own.  In this club we live and play by one attitude:


What do we get with the price of registration?

Each player from the Boys Division will be given:

Uniform(Pinnie, Shooter Shirt and Shorts), Matte Grey R Helmet with Red Facemask (for All Players), Partial Wrap, Two (2) Tickets to the Spring Event held by Shogun Fights at the 1st Mariner Arena, and will play in Three (3) Tournaments for U9 players and Four (4) Tournaments for U11 through Varsity players during the Summer, top coaching from our qualified staff, all practice sessions, etcâ?¦

***In order for tournaments to be booked, uniforms, helmets, etcâ?¦  payments are needed and expected on time.  Not being paid on time can cause for certain items to be forfeited and will not be cause for refund.

Each player from the Ladies Division will be given:

Uniform(Pinnie, Shooter Shirt and Skirt), Goggles, 2024 team and 2018 team will play in Four(4) tournaments during the Summer, top coaching from our qualified staff, all practice sessions, etcâ?¦

****Potential 2023 & 2020 teams will also receive the same benefits.

*****In order for tournaments to be booked, uniforms, goggles, etcâ?¦  payments are needed and expected on time.  Not being paid on time can cause for certain items to be forfeited and will not be cause for refund.

Is anyone eligible to try-out?

All players currently in grades 3 through 12 are eligible to try-out. Your geographic residence, school, past club affiliations, or years of experience, do not preclude you from try-outs. You must attend at least a portion of try-outs on the scheduled dates to be evaluated.

How are try-outs conducted?

The coaches and officers of the club make selections. Among the factors on which players are evaluated is speed, athletic ability, strength, stick skills and scrimmage play. All players who attend will be notified of the results shortly after tryouts are complete via this website/email/phone call. Placement decisions are final.

If my child signs up for Ground Control Lacrosse and makes a team, will they have to stop playing for their recreation/MYLA team?

No, that is a misconception of club lacrosse. All players should continue with their current program. Club lacrosse season starts after the LAST recreation/MYLA weekend.

What does a season consist of and when/how much will you practice?

The club lacrosse season occurs from May through July, with at least three to four tournaments depending upon age/gender and the entire month of August off. Teams will practice occasionally in May when rec teams schedules allow. After rec season ends, teams will practice at least once per week starting approximately the first week in May. This schedule will last throughout the summer tournament season. We may also participate in Indoor Seasons and a Fall Tournament or two depending upon interest at the various age levels.  The fees listed on the registration page are only for the summer season, any fees for Fall Tournaments/Indoor sessions will be seperate.

How do I join US Lacrosse?

Log on to www.uslacrosse.org and click on "membership info." You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your membership number.

Why is a US Lacrosse membership required?

For insurance purposes, the sponsors of many of the tournaments in which we play require that each player be a member of US Lacrosse. We require all players to join US Lacrosse. The membership fee also includes Lacrosse Magazine for one year and possible discounts on any US Lacrosse tournament

Within all tournaments, do all the kids play equal amounts?

All athletes will receive a fair opportunity to compete but this does not guarantee equal playing time. Our teams will play to win with increasing emphasis as the teams get older. Playing time will be earned, with hard work, attitude, coachability, attendance and on-field success playing a role in determining the amount. If you or your child has an issue with playing time, please consult the coach directly.

How many players per team with the Ground Control Lacrosse teams carry?

We will carry approximately 20 players per team.

How do you communicate with the players and family members?

Communication is primarily via email, facebook posts and on this website.

What is your refund policy?

In general, no refunds will be permitted once a player has made the team, accepted the position and the deposit checks have been cashed. If there is a very special circumstance, it will be evaluated by Brian Outten, Director of Ground Control Lacrosse Club.  For a more detailed explination please check the Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of each page.

Team Registration Cost?

Team registration payments are not required to be made as one payment. Ground Control Lacrosse Club offers installments so you can spread the fee out over a few payments to help ease the burden. Please contact Brian on further details regarding payment arrangements. 410-493-0406 or Email: brian@gclaxclub.com

Once a child is a member of a Ground Control Lacrosse Club, will they be required to try out again each year?

Yes. Our youngest players may be as young as 7 years old when they try out for the first time. It would be irresponsible of us to assume that they will all remain great lacrosse players until they are 18! In order to ensure that a player's game and character are successfully growing, they must try out and make the team each year.

How do I register to try-out?

The dates, times, and location of try-outs are outlined in the Team Tryout section of this website. Registration is to be completed online. Any changes due to weather or unforeseen events will be posted on this website. There is a 35 dollar non-refundable fee for trying-out.

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